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Updated Bittorrent, All Files Are Gone


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Blink! New update for BitTorrent! OK! I will download it... That was serious mistake from me...

I was downloading veeery big file, like 16GB, and I havent got fast internet.... After update, ALL my files are gone. They are not in hidden label....... How I can re-download them (not all file again)??? And how is it possible, that THIS happened to me? I thought, that BitTorrent is serious program!!

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After many months of refusing to upgrade the BitTorrent, due to annoying features of past "upgrades", it now forcibly upgraded my platform, and all torrents have suddenly disappeared from the application. The downloaded and partially downloaded files are still all exactly where they were, but BitTorrent doesn't display them, or allow upload/download, despite me adding the directories again in the Preferences section. Any thoughts? It's version 7.9.5.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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