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High Memory Usage During Seeding


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During seeding, my VPS memory is consumed by high upload speeds.

I have set the cache size to 64 MB but it still comsumes all the memory available in the VPS causing swapping to the swap memory.

Any solution to prevent this from happening?

BitTorrent version is 7.9.1 build 30889



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Considering where the problem is, I don't know.

Because the root of the problem is in windows itself and not in BitTorrent there's not much we can do.

Running as administrator MIGHT change the behavior, but no guarantees.

Well in admin mode it also blows up to the maximum extent of the free RAM so still a no-no

Currently I set BitTorrent to disable its own read cache and looking at the outcome


EDIT: the memory clears up when i stop the transfers

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