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Bittorrent Embedded Crash


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I just bought LS410 Buffalo Linkstation NAS drive that have as thrid party installed BitTorrent Embedded version 3.2 Source revision 28581

They have web cient for managing. It starts downloading and after 10% of download it is just crashing saying that "Connectivity Problem, unable to communicate with your BitTorrent client"

Only restart of Linkstation helps but it happens again in next download.

I contacted Buffalo but they are saying that it is third party product and they don't provide support.

I tried to change different options, but nothing helps.

I have another, old Linkstation that doesn't have problem. I also downloaded bittorrent client on my windows pc and also don't have any problem.

What to do? Please help

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Hi evgenyr

I bought LS-421DE and get same problems with you. I try check all settings and reset factory, format HDD. And when I change config of bittorrent:

Settings > Bittorrent: Uncheck these:

- Enable DHT Netnork.

- Enable DHT for new torrents.

This issue is resolved. Can you try and give me result?

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