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Connecting To Peers


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Is there anyone who can help me? 


I've been using bit torrent for 5 yrs already and I haven't encountered issues like this. After I upgraded the bit torrent, it started to be stuck on Connecting to Peers FOREVER... and I literally mean it FOREVER. I have posted help here but no one dared to answer or help me.


what is wrong with the new version? I have already re-installed the torrent but still it has the same problems. I even went back to the old version but it doesn't help. It has been like this for weeks now. 


The torrent I downloaded has lots of peers on it, so there is no reason to be connecting forever or trying to find one for decades...


Can anyone resolve the issue?


Appreciate much your help.

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Name Status Update In Seeds Peers Downloaded

[DHT] working 20m 41s 0 0 0

[Local Peer Discovery] working 0 1 0

[Peer Exchange] working 0 0 0

udp://open.demonii.com:1337 updating... 0 0 0

udp://tracker-ccc.de:6969 No such host is known. 17m 45s 0 0 0

udp://tracker.istole.it:80/announce updating... 0 0 0

udp://tracker.openbittorrent.com:80 updating... 0 0 0

udp://tracker.publicbt.com:80 updating... 0 0 0
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same boat here, however I am able to add a torrent from Slackware.com... still showing "connecting to peers" on my newer torrents for over 2 days now. -some partially completed most at 0.0%.

Have checked my Firewall & that ports are open...tried alt sites to torrent from. 2 of which i have used with success in the past.


Any ideas?



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