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Torrents Don't Download


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I've been trying to download torrents but just doesn't work

Ive downloaded many in the past, Has been working perfectly fine for 6 months something wrong right now.


I've tried downloading a torrent with many seeds eg. 3 days to kill still doesnt work

tracker shows that connection is timed out however internet works perfectly fine

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Ok right now it shows:

DHT - waiting for announce..

Peer discovery - working

peer exchange - working

all the other trackers:

All the Udp trackers have --- connection timed out.... 

this showed before as well ... its always timed out

They will be updated in the next 5 mins

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Internet security settings are in your computer.

Router configuration MIGHT have some effect, but that depends on the router you're using.

Failing that, your internet provider is actively blocking you and there's nothing in your setup that would actually be consistently effective at fixing that.

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I have a similar problem. My BitTorrent has been working fine until a month ago. Now my music files download 100%, but then it shows them seeding, and they never make it into my downloads folder. What is going on?! Thanks!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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