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Blinding Color Scheme V 7.8.2


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I may get booted for this seeming heresy, but is there ANY way to change the background color from blinding white, and to change the graph colors to something which can be seen? I don't wish to badmount whomever picked the color scheme, but to me it is all wrong, the contrast radio between the background color and the graph colors is so high as to make the function unusable.

Is double clutching back to one of the earlier versions the only way to remedy this?

This seems to be a hot button, as when I used "color" in the search bar, I was told the word had been removed from the search vocabulary. I've been gone from this forum for awhile, did I miss something???

Still the best torrect client, hands down...

-- Doc

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Hmmm... Hadn't thought of that, thanks! I'll look for some skins...

When I used uTorrent, there seemed to be a plethora of info about skins. But none for Bittorrent. Even in the Help file, the URL www.bittorrent.com/skin is mentioned, but I get a 404 like message "Um.... we couldn't find that page" .

Are they trying to unbesmirch their escutcheon, becoming a product only for legit file transfer, so their product is not unalterable?

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