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How Redirect Bittorrent To A New Location Of A Moved Torrent?


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How can I redirect BitTorrent so it will continue to seed torrents, after I have moved the torrent on the hard drive to a different folder or subfolder;  or to a differrent hard drive (in the same computer?)


In my workflow,  I download all my torrents to one central place, but at some point I may distribute each torrent to a different location suitable for what it is and how I'm using it.     Currently, once I do that, BitTorrent no longer knows where the torrent is, and it stops seeding it.

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1. Where is the Relocate Command? 



2. How do I set Download Location?  

  2a. Why would I set Download Location?    I have already downloaded the torrent.   I set a download location before I downloaded it.      I have moved the torrent file to a different hard drive after I downloaded it. 

  2b. I am interested now in seeding, not downloading. 

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