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Won't Let Me Change Destination Folder


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I just installed Bittorrent on a new laptop. No matter how many times I try, it simply won't let me change the destination folder.


Here's the process I'm following: Preferences > Directories > check 'put new downloads in' > hit the browse button > find the folder I want > click 'select folder' > click 'OK'. Do the same with 'move completed downloads to'.


It's worth pointing out that after I select the folder and it goes back to the main dialog box, the field where the folder address should be is blank, and the 'apply' button is still greyed out, as if I haven't made any changes.


I'm using Windows 8.


I simply can't figure out what I'm doing wrong and it's driving me crazy. Please help!



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In directories, check 'put new downloads in' and click to browse:



Choose the folder where I want downloads saved:



Click 'select folder':



As you can see, the 'apply' button is still greyed out, and the destination field is empty. All I can do is click 'OK'. When I then download something new, it doesn't go into the folder I selected.



Hope that helps. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Yes, this is the workaround I'm using at the moment - downloading everything to a folder on my desktop then moving it manually. However, this doesn't explain why it won't save to where I want it to. There was no problem when I was using the last version of Bittorrent on my old laptop.

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