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Magnet Links Not Working And Unable To Find Peers


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So, I'm trying to download a torrent from the pirate bay, and it does have a good number of seeders (22) and in the past, it was usualy fine to have that.


But now, whenever I try to download from there, when I click on the magnet link, it does open the screen where it was suposed to show the files on the torrent, but it keeps like that forever, like, it stays in the 'finding peers' stage forever. Before, even when no one was seeding, it showed the files and went to download, even if it never passed 0%... But now it doens't even do that.


For some reason, the only torrents that work fine for me are those from fuwanovel...


Where is the trackers one I'm currently trying to download:


Name    Status    Update In    Seeds    Peers    Interval    Min Interval    Downloaded    
[DHT]    working    12m 1s    0    1            0    
[Local Peer Discovery]    working        0    1            0    
[Peer Exchange]    working        0    0            0    
udp://tracker.ccc.de:80    Connection timed out.    52m 0s    0    0    1h 0m    30s    0    
udp://tracker.openbittorrent.com:80    Connection timed out.    41m 59s    0    0    1h 0m    30s    0    
udp://tracker.publicbt.com:80    Connection timed out.    40m 1s    0    0    1h 0m    30s    0    

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