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Heavy system use & slow application

Guest Richard_uk

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Guest Richard_uk

I have just loaded Bit Torrent 7.5.1

It seems to consume a lot of system resources - CPU is running at between 60 and 90% of capacity.

Plus the application istelf responds very sluggishly.

The previous version was much fasrer to respond and use less resources.

Am i dong something wrong?

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Guest richard uk

What internet security software do you have installed?

Do you have any dock programs like rocketdock installed?

Thank you Harold

Further investigation suggests a conflict with Zone alarm fee firewall.

When I disable zone alarm and run with the XP firewall (I know - inadequate) things go very well.

I have tried to fiddle around with Zone alarm to no effect.

In addition I run Avira pro and Malwarebytes pr both in continuous operation and they seem to be fine with bit torrent.

Any suggestions?

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Guest richard

The windows firewall is actually better than ZoneAlarm in a lot of cases, but finding something better than ZA is definitely highly recommended.

Additionally, ZoneAlarm has a history of causing problems like this that is years old now.

Thanks again Harold,

I am uisng XP which I am told has a pretty weak firewall.

But the default would be to stay with it rather than use ZA.

I know this is a bit off topic for you - but can you suggest any firewalls that are stronger than XP and are compatible with BT?

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Guest Richard_uk

Thanks Harold.

I didnt know that. Makes sense though.

Things working well now - so on the basis that I do have a router I will leave well alone.

But will keep comodo in mind.

Thnak you for your help.

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