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Request: "continue Until A Specified Sharing Ratio Is Reached, Then Stop"


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It would be convenient feature to allow specifying: "continue sharing each file only until a specified sharing ratio is reached, then stop".

Example: share a group of torrent files until the share ratio reaches 1.1 (or whatever) for each file, then (once all files have reached the specified share ratio) stop sharing & also optionally: shut down computer.

Has such a user setting been considered?

Thanks in advance.

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It's already implemented.

Thanks, but the feature still could use further tweaking. With monitor powered off for overnite, the program fails to recognize that the set sharing ratio has been achieved. And: no setting option to power off the machine. Once monitor power is restored, the share ratio is again correctly recognized.

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Why should the monitor's power status be affecting BitTorrent in any way?

Note: using PeerBlock 1.2 & Avira AV on Windows 8.1 64-bit.

Roboform also runs in the background, but doesn't seem likely to have that kind of effect.

Monitor connection: Display Port.

Would the nVidia video card driver's copy protection somehow be involved?

Other than that: ??

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Update: with monitor power on and screen saver active, the share ratio once again failed to recognize the set "stop sharing" point.

So: don't think the monitor's power status is directly affecting that aspect of BitTorrent's operation.

In other words: "screen saver active" produces the same unwanted effect as simply powering off the monitor.

And: if it so happens that the set sharing ratio is surpassed during the time that the screen saver is active, BitTorrent will still continue sharing the file (whether the screen saver is active or inactive) even though the sharing ratio target number was already reached.

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