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Torrent Jamming / Not Downloading


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Hi, Im new to downloading torrents so apologies if this has been asked before and is a simple problem but I have successfully downloaded torrents in the past but for the past week everytime I click on the magnet download icon it opens up bittorrent and the little icon spins around for ages but no file information shows up and I cannot begin to download it to bittorrent. I have no idea whats going wrong or how to solve this so please help!


Thanks in advance!



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Hi Spyro,


The Info you want is: Bittorrent 7.9.2 (build 31897), mozilla firefox, windows 7




I dont know if this is an illegal or not so apologies if it is wrong!


I believe the link is fine as things have worked in the past yet it has now started to not download to bittorrent to allow me to add it as a new torrent. :(

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