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Torrent Will Not Find Peers


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i started downloading torrents about a year ago for the first few month it always said finding peers. so i gaveup. then one day it started downloading fine. it was walking dead, so i doubtit was lack of seeders. then i started downloading themfine after that. well a few days ago all of torrents went to "seeding" and now a new torrent will not find peers. i didnt change any settings that i know of, can anyone help?

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i'm finding the same problem. Haven't used bittorrent in a while but now the new seeds are sitting there with 'finding peers 0.0%' I'm using Norton Anitvirus and Comcast so I suspect something is blocking it. Any suggestions what to look for?

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Hi All,

i had a similar problem 'finding peers 0.0%'

downlaods would normally work only from TPB, this has been acuuring for the last 2 months.

problem was fixed when i uninstalled bittorent and then reinstalled, i found that bittorent has been working very smothly and fast since then, also the app 'bundles' now shows up in bittorent.

also when i uninstalled i deleted all info, so i had to set everything back up (up speed down speed) but was well worth it

i think i have been using bit torrent for about 14 years so thanks guys you guys/gals are awesome

hope this helps

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Hey all,


I have been using BitTorrent for a very long time now, however, from about last Nov to present I am unable to download anything. NOt sure if it's a virus or the site I'm downloading from. I'd normally download torrents from kat.to/kickass.to.


Somehow I cannot download anything..Please Help!!

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Hey, so sorry I did not read your previous post. I use Symantec Endpoint; I don't know what proxy setting it, default perhaps (I didn't change any settings)


I tried uploading an image but couldn't (this image will tell you about the tracker


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Wow, thanks. 3 days and I finally have something to go on cause I have the same problem.  It just happend one day.



It definitely looks like symantec endpoint (or something else on the system) is actively blocking things.


What could "something else" be?  Slackware doesn't work.  Glastnost test came back OK.


I guess the first thing I'll do is "go naked" with all the settings and turn off AVG, Peerblock and the firewall.  Beyond that I'm lost.


Any Help is appreciated.





Here is my set up:




Windows Fire Wall on with bit torrent exception

Encription ON in bit torrent

PROXY SOCKS5 in bit torrent---free from Hide My Ass---I put a new one in every time I download

NO proxy in browser---seems to cause problems

PeerBlock is running

2 Media Servers---Serviio and PLEX  upnp on so dlna will work for streaming


Trackers tab:


Name    Status    Update In    Seeds    Peers    Downloaded    

[DHT]    waiting for announce...        0    0    0    
[Local Peer Discovery]    working        0    1    0    
[Peer Exchange]    working        0    0    0    
 Proxy connect error: connection closed by peer    1m 2s    0    0    0    

 Proxy connect error: Error -7    1m 0s    0    0    0
 Proxy connect error: connection closed by peer    1m 4s    0    0    0    

 Proxy connect error: connection closed by peer    1m 4s    0    0    0    

udp://fr33domtracker.h33t.com:3310/announce    Connection timed out.    16m 58s    0    0    0    

udp://tracker.1337x.org:80/announce    Connection timed out.    17m 3s    0    0    0    

udp://tracker.istole.it:80/announce    Connection timed out.    19m 0s    0    0    0    

udp://tracker.openbittorrent.com:80/announce    Connection timed out.    19m 0s    0    0    0
udp://tracker.publicbt.com:80/announce    Connection timed out.    15m 58s    0    0    0  

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Actually, http proxies won't help you with the traffic either. socks5 at least has the remote potential of supporting UDP traffic. HTTP proxies do not.


H, what will work?  What's the best way to use a proxy or to mask my IP?  I figured I'd try it out b4 I spend money on a service that may or moy NOT work.  


I don't torrent a lot but do have my spurts and have revieved one of those threating "letters" in the past.


Have a great Sunday.



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