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Wifi Crashes After Win 8.1 Upgrade


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Hello community


My apologies in advance if this topic has been covered to death and I just couldn't find the responses.


I recently got a new desktop computer with a Wifi adapter.  This setup works fine and has good speed.  The problem comes when I try to download a torrent file.  It works for a while, and I would even say it downloads a file successfully most of the time, but when it starts seeding it kills the WiFi adapter.


I come back in the morning with no connectivity and the little yellow yield sign and exclamation mark.  Most times when I reboot it comes back but sometimes I need to enable the adapter.


In another forum it was suggested that I reduce the maximum number of connections, which I did, to 50 from 250.  The problem persists.


Anyone have a solution?



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I had the same problem, I thought it was my ISP. I had a previous version on my computer, so I decided uninstall the latest version and install the older version. That worked for me. I can finally use the internet and have bittorrent open at the same time. 

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