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Our Previous Tool, And How It Could Benefit From Bleep


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Before Bleep we were working on something for internal use.

It was backed up by RabbitMQ and Google Protocol Buffers
and had all the basic features required,

such as support for rooms, image pasting, files, history, etc, etc...


But it relied on having a central server and that caused serious issues for us

since some of us are located in China, the server would become unavailable *blink blink*.


We put the app away and started looking for alternatives.

When I heard about BTChat and then finally got to use Bleep, 

I was reminded of what we had.






If the tech behind Bleep is really made available as a library,

we'd be able to modify our app to work with it  :)


Update: There is a permissions problem with attached images, so I had to link.


This is what I was referring to in my previous posts:







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This is great. It's possible that you might be able to use Bleep out of the box and still get most of the features that you want. 


However, if your application is using SIP you can potentially use our engine and write your own app and customize it even more.

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