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My Isp Contacted Me Saying Im Comitting Copyright Infridgement?


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Hi I have recently been contacted by my isp stating that im elegedly commiting copyright infridgement :huh:.   :huh:  <_<  why is this?  they say that im using bittorrent and to contact warner brothers to settle a possible lawsuit because I downloaded their movie.   im curious if theres anyway to make my bittorrent experience somewhat private so that i do not get these notices or problems in the future?    i mean .. how is this even avoidable if i continue using bittorrent?  people share files everyday..... why am I the one they want to go after?.......     Simply im looking for a free program or way to keep my bittorrent from showing up to my ISP provider.  please help. :wacko::blink::ph34r::(

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