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Port Forwarding Ctrl-G Test Question


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Hello BitTorrent users,


I have a question about port forwarding/


I am on Windows 7 x64 and my BitTorrent version is 7.9.2 build 32241 32 bit.


When I do the setup guide to test if my port is forwarded, it says that the port is not open.


However, the bottom right corner has a green tick meaning that I am accepting incoming connections.


So I did a port test on canyouseeme.org which I believe only tests TCP connections, however the result was the port was open.


I also looked at some of the flags when I was downloading something and I have a lot of peers with "I" meaning incoming connection.


So, with this in mind, should I ignore the setup guide test result or did I port forward incorrectly?


Thanks for your help

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