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Problems With Downloading.


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Today, I wanted to go download some music. When I went on the site, to download some of it, the magnet links they have there, didn't work, they just did not respond, even not an error. So, I did the trick my friend told me to, and it actually wanted to start downloading it, but Windows flew in with the bullshit rocket, telling to me that Windows cannot find the .torrent extension´, and offered me a list of programs, which would I like to open it with. So, euhm, I clicked on Browse, hooked up BitTorrent (exe file, obviously.), and it didn't show up in the list, no responding either. So I tried the second trick I found via Google, to right click on the magnet link, and copy the URL into the BitTorrent thingy, which where you can start downloading via URL. Yay, it started, but it was slow as phuck, 5kbps :s


If you had any experience with these kind of errors, please tell me, how to fix it, it is really annoying.


Thank you in advance,


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Still the same thing, choose the program you want to open the file with.


At the moment, the only way I could actually start downloading the torrent, to make this error appear, is the torrents.<torrent link here, without the /torrent/>



I can start downloading torrents via copy-pasting the URL of the magnet link into the bar, where BitTorrent wants me to put it, but it's slow, 20kbps maximum.

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