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Help! Download / Upload speed jumping up and down


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Every time I try to send anything via bittorrent from one of my computers, to the other, the download/upload speeds are very unstable.

It gets really high, up around 8+ mb/s, but after a few seconds, perhaps 5-10, it drops down to around 1 mb/s, after 5-10 seconds down there, it jumps up again. And that procedure repeats itself endlessly.

Both computers are also connected to the same intenet (router).

Here is an image of the problem:


Anyone of you know how to solve this?

Thanks in advance :)


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Are you seeing "Disk overloaded" in your status bar in the blips (on either computer)?

Are both computers connected wired?

Both computers are wired yes.

On the Disk Overloaded; No I I'm pretty sure I did not get any kind of message saying the disk is overloaded. But it might be, since my other computer is kind of old and it might just be overloaded.

Anyway, english is not my foreign language and I'm not 100% sure of what you mean; where is the "blips"?

Sorry for the inconvenience


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