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I'm not sure, but I have a problem. BitTorrent no longer funcion, it is still in connecting to peer. I have provided some informations:


1. I'm using my security Microsoft Security Essentials. They didn't find any virus.


2. Not sure if there's any conficts...


I am unable to find any confict... Not sure the solution, but reinstalling havent helped yet.


(P.S: Sorry for not providing me my important informations...)

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Nevermind. I checked the list of tracker and noticed that link www.tracker.thepiratebay.com , which is a tracker, is not vaild.

Hmmm, this is a dead link... I've starving to find another which is outside of this site...

The problem should be solved. I now starving I didn't provide information. I am really much sorry, my status must be stuck. Probably using this that is outside the link could resolve the problem.

(Sorry for bad english, I'm in italy... And yeah, I'm sooooooo much sorry for hijacking the thread "Very Slow Download. What Happening." ... Please remove my moderator queue.)


(P.S: I'm unable to provide a image from http://imgur.com/FfSKsCc ... Could you please allow them??)

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