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Bittorrent - Tracker - Offline (Timed Out)


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Bittorrent Tracker - Offline (timed out)


*The status bar is red (Seeding)


*undownloaded Says - Finding Peers


*Still allows seeding (while all Status red)


*All of a sudden the undownloaded starts downloading and finishes set 6 live, anything more then 6 is Queued and does not start just goes to Finding peers.


*I am using a Private Tracker, only invited


I can download from all other trackers but this one

any ideas?




What I have done

*Cleaned PC

*Reset IP adress(Through Router)

*Tried all other trackers (public) and I'm succesful with all


Thanks for any help or resulting comments/solutions



EDIT IN: The (UPDATE IN) still counts down. but not connect

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