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Bittorrent Client Update Marked Unsafe And Deleted By Norton Security Suite


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Today, 9/17/2014, I, a ComCast customer, attempted to update my free BitTorrent client to the latest version.  The antivirus ComCast uses, Norton Security Suite, however, marked the BitTorrent.exe install file as "Unsafe" (as containing malware "WSReputation.1"), and then deleted it.


NOTE: The BitTorrent download page unfortunately doesn't state the version of the software being downloaded.  And since the install file is deleted by Norton and the program can't be installed, I can't determine the version number, and so I cannot give that here.


Norton (Symantec) has a site wherein one can submit for review files believed to be wrongly marked as unsafe:




But since the file is deleted by Norton on my machine, I can't send it in.


Does anyone have a solution? work-around?


If not, I request that someone at BitTorrent send in the file to Norton.  I imagine a very large number of people (ComCast customers and other Norton Security Suite users) are impacted by this.  And if the file does need to be sent to Norton, will someone kindly communicate follow up in this forum thread?


Thanks for any help.


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