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Handling Gigantic Torrents


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Gigantic?  I suppose the term is relative, but we could define it as greater size than you can muster even if you remove all torrents from your system. The one I have in mind is over 100GB. I understand about download partially by checkboxes at the initial reading of the torrent file by bt. I further discovered that changing the priority listed in the files tab from skip to normal adds that file to the requests made at opening with the subsequent fetch of that file.


So here's the question. Can files be removed individually while continuing to seed the rest of them in  the torrent? That is, can I migrate some parts of a gigantic torrent to make room for the rest of the torrent on a piecemeal basis? Right now I'm thinking I'll just down as much as I can hold, then remove those parts and start another pass at the same torrent selecting a different set of files at the outset. I would prefer to continue to seed as much of the monster as possible, it just doesn't appear to be possible to remove individual files.


I'm not sure about the "relocate" and "don't download" menu items available when right-clicking a file line in the file tab. They might still hold the answer.

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