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Connection Troubles.


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Hey guys!  I'm having some issues getting live connections at the moment.  Yesterday my client worked flawlessly and I was able to download a few things and everything went smoothly.  When I got up this morning I qued up a few more downloads and went to start my day.  Then when I came home about 8 hours later the torrents are still stuck on connecting to peers and my trackers are all timed out.  I installed bittorrent for the first time on my laptop also and got the same results.  I'm kind of suspecting my university put in new blocks to prevent torrenting but I'm currently unaware of anyway to confirm that.


Running the bittorrent test also reveals my connection is fine (same on the laptop also).


edit: torrents from http://slackware.com/getslack/torrents.php say "Downloading 0.0%" instead of connecting to peers and the tracker also says offline instead of "connection time out"

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