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[Solved] Torrent Already Exists But I Can't Find It


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A couple of torrents have stalled at the pop-up stage and I've had to cancel them and they never reached the main screen. However the software is obviously aware of them and I can't get the torrent as it already exists. I have deleted the torrent file from windows explorer and having read http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/21288-torrent-allready-exists-but-i-have-zero-torrents/?hl=%2Btorrent+%2Bexists

I have also deleted the resume.dat and resume.dat.old files as recommended by Harold. There is obviously another file or data that I'm not finding that is preventing me from re-starting the torrent.

What am I missing?

Note I have 4 downloads stuck because of lack of seeders but each new torrent that I start takes position 8 (i.e. not 5) suggesting that there are 3 of these "hidden" torrents.


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