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Cant Connect To One Peer


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I was reading some topics but I didnt see any other user with the same problem that I have.

The thing is: the torrent is only 857mb only, there is just two people seeding at a speed of .1 or .2 kb/s and not often, is quite frustrating.

I can see a third seeder 100% but my bittorrent 7.2 cant connect to that one, and then a fourth one connects with the file 100% complete and I was downloading at 10mbps reach 96.2% and the guy disconects and hasnt come back online again.

I already try to use utorrent and the lastest version of bittorent, same results.

I dont have any problem dowloading or seeding with other torrents, the ports are ok. green check mark. no problem with firewall.

I see an error in the logger, but that is always there, even with another torrents


So, I dont know what is this happening and I want to know, I want to know more why is this happening than solving it.





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