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Trouble Downloading Torrents


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Hey guys, 


 Im having a sudden problem with my bit torrent. Im not sure what happened but I think it was updating or something and then it wouldn't work. I ended up taking it off and reinstalling. *By the way the version I got was one from 2012 as I download torrents using my 4year old macbook which has Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. 


Anyway now when I go on a torrent site and click download torrent, bit torrent appears but the window that comes up to confirm download now doesn't come up so nothing downloads. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?


Im on my mac book pro at the moment so can't pin point the exact version of the bit torrent I have.



- Regards, Mel

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i have seen other folks on here having the a very similar problem to mine however i have yet to find a solution. hopefully it is a simple solution... here is my problem:

i use BitSoup for torrents, lately when i try to download a torrent, i get stuck on "Finding Peers 0.0%"

 My tracker is as follows:

DHT                                Not Allowed

Local Peer Discovery      Not Allowed

Peer Exchange               Not Allowed

http://tracker.bitsoup.me/announce.php?passkey=8b9f1cd28118c5b4da7df6ccecb82a67%C2'> I'm sorry, Unknown(all versions) is banned from this tracker (banned client - not private site friendly)

Any help would be appreciated\!



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