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Bittorrent Issuing On Private Internet Access?


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hello, about 2 days ago i started having serious issues with the bittorrent client. It was popping warning flags in the bottom right corner saying that there was no connection. it continued to say that there where no ports open. I was not having this issue before so much. when i first started using bitorrent, i would always get the orange triangle warning signs at the bottom but i could still down and upload. Now i cannot do either. I desided to try private internet access because i was getting letters from my ip provider. It is kind of helping, and....not. No letters, but i cant use the bittorent client anymore. i have trouble shooted with the help of private internet access, but, nothing changed. bittorrent is just sitting there saying finding peers0.0% i have copyed the conversation with them:

Chat started on 21 Nov 2014, 03:21 AM (GMT+0)
(03:21:09) *** Visitor 16603294 joined the chat *** (03:21:09) Visitor 16603294: your vpn has started closing all the ports while i am using bittorrent. (03:21:39) *** Colby joined the chat *** (03:21:51) Colby: Hi Visitor 1416540070, my name is Colby. (03:22:11) Visitor 1416540070: hi, how are you (03:23:47) Colby: Great thank you! I'm sorry to hear of the issues that you've been having, this certainly is not the impression we wish to impose on any customer though the VPN should not be restricting ports. May I ask if your using uTorrent or another client, sorry? (03:24:32) Visitor 1416540070: i am using bittorrent, most current. (03:25:14) Colby: Ok thank you for clarifying, though bittorrent is outside of our scope of support I do have some suggestions that is intended for utorrent though they may assist you (03:25:50) Visitor 1416540070: ok. maybe it will work?!!! (03:26:02) Colby: For our service to work best with uTorrent, we recommend the following: Please go into the Options Menu, and click on Connection: We want to ensure that "Enable UPnP Port Mapping", "Enable NAT-PMP Port Mapping", and "Randomize port each start" are all unchecked. If you are using Port Forwarding in our Application, please enter the forwarded port in the "Port used for incoming connections" field. If your main goal for torrents is speed, and sharing back to the swarm, please do not enable the Proxy server options, as this will slow down your downloads, and inhibit sharing back to the swarm. Please also click on the BitTorrent Tab, and uncheck "Enable Bandwidth Management [uTP]" For Maximum security, please uncheck "Enable DHT Network" and "Enable DHT for new torrents" These options may lead to having less seeds, but is more secure, and anonymous. (03:26:25) Colby: If not, you could also try the above with uTorrent to see if it gives you better results as well. (03:27:08) Visitor 1416540070: can you give me a moment? (03:27:23) Visitor 1416540070: so i can do this... (03:27:40) Colby: Okay (03:32:32) Visitor 1416540070: k. i am back. i did what you said. (03:33:07) Visitor 1416540070: what did you mean it would cause less seeds? (03:34:00) Visitor 1416540070: i know what a seed is, i just dont know the impact of what you said. (03:35:28) Visitor 1416540070: there is now no connection in bittorrent:( (03:35:55) Visitor 1416540070: hello?!!! (03:36:04) Colby: We apologize for the delays, we work in a chat system where we serve multiple customers at the same time. As a result of this, we are not always able to provide immediate responses. (03:36:48) Visitor 1416540070: ok (03:37:06) Visitor 1416540070: i lost connection in bittorrent (03:37:54) Colby: I apologize, p2p clients are outside of our scope of support however I had some information that related to uTorrent that I had hoped would help. To be sure, does the VPN still connect for you? (03:37:56) Colby: Many users find they need to enable port forwarding in order to get the best speeds and connectivity with torrent clients. In order to enable port forwarding in our client, enter the Settings area for our client, and click the Advanced button. Enable port forwarding and select one of the following gateways: Netherlands Switzerland CA North York CA Toronto Romania Sweden France Germany After enabling port forwarding and re-connecting to one of the above gateways, please hover your mouse over the System Tray or Menu Bar icon for our client to reveal the tool-tip which will display the port number. You can then enter this port into your software, like uTorrent or another torrent client. (03:38:48) Visitor 1416540070: when i recheck enable bandwith management it tries to reconnect (03:42:05) Visitor 1416540070: hold on....i cant ever connect to my torrent site if i use a country other than the US (03:44:19) Visitor 1416540070: extratorrent.cc (03:44:31) Colby: We hold our customers as highly valuable, each and everyone. This surely is no impression we would approve to impose on any customer. At this point, I will need you to submit a ticket, so we can investigate this issue further. Please go to https://support.privateinternetaccess.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit In order to ensure the support you receive is carried out in an efficient manner, please save the transcript for this chat (This can be done by clicking the Options link in the bottom left corner of your chat window, and select email transcript. Enter an email address if prompted, and transcript should be emailed to you). (03:57:23)

*** Visitor 1416540070 left the chat ***

Now, i did everything they said. Nothing changed. I have no activity coming from bittorrent now and am getting quite angry. I do not know what has happened. please help me....my brother in law is having simular issues as well if it makes any difference.


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