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Cannot Download Any Torrents


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Hello, I usually used Bittorrent and use only two main sites, I won't mention incase that's not allowed here.


But I use to be able to download, but now one site doesn't have the download links and now says "To download this torrent, you need a BitTorrent client: Bitlord"


And then the other site I use, lets me hit the download link but then says "Unable to add Torrent: It appears that the torrent file is corrupted.  Try to download it again."


And I do, and it's the same process over and over.


Can anyone help me out here?  I haven't changed a thing aside from updating to Yosemite.

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I also have been experiencing similar issues.  Just as with Pepper57, I typically have two sites that I download torrents from on a regular basis.  Then all of the sudden, last week, I could download the torrent but not the file.  I have even upgraded to BitTorrent Plus, I was able to download a few more files then nothing.  In the past, I could download a file in less than 10 minutes but now, I may be lucky to download a 10th of a file in two days.  It is not my connection, I have also tried other sites with no joy. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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