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I Can't Seem To Download From Private Trackers [Bittorrent Embedded]


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Hello all...


I just bought a DSL modem that supports bittorrent embedded integration.


I tried one public torrent and it is okay.


But when it comes to some torrent trackers (like zamunda) ; the download never starts...


Am i doing something wrong?






PS: The torrent has many peers and seeders. I am not a noob at torrenting..



The version is :


Product Version 3.2
Source Revision 29245
Build Date 2013-01-23 15:29:51 -0800
UI Revision 75fe967 "2013-01-17 10:51:49 -0800"
Peer ID UT3200
User-agent uTorrent/3200(29245)(server)
UPnP external address: --------


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