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Downloading With Bit Tornado Problem - Message "problem Connecting To Tracker" <Url Open Error Unknown Url Type Udp> Appears


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Are there any Bit Tornado users out there who can help me with the problem i`m having  ? I`ve used the Bit Tornado client for over ten year now without any bother but just recently i`ve had trouble downloading quite a few files . I`m only able to download files that use a HTTP tracker , any that use a UDP one , they won`t start . I`ve never altered any of my settings on the software so don`t know where this problem has arisen from . Any info on how to get around this would be greatly appreciated . Also , if theres any U Torrent client users out there could you tell me if this problem occurs with that downloader or not , its just i`m thinking of trying out but won`t bother if its no different . Cheers all .

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