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Multiple Torrent Problems


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l started experiencing some torrent problems.

1. When adding the torrent, getting the message "torrent is not valid bencoding". I've searched this error and saw it occured to others , but I haven't been able to understand the reason. I tried uninstalling and installing BitTorrent, but the problem remains. On some torrents I noticed that if I add them using Magnet Link, it works.

Also, torrents that downloaded and used a few weeks ago still work.

I am downloading from http://tpb.pirate-proxy.info/


2. Some torrents manage to load but are stuck at "connecting to peers".

see following screenshot:




Also , some just simply run very slow. In the below link , see "Beautiful Creatures"and "Phantom"




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What's the difference between seeds and peers?


What about the problem of "torrent is not valid bencoding" when adding torrents ? Why is it happening?


I never experienced this problem (and the dead torrents) before. What can be causing these issues now?

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