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Where to save files ?

Guest Skylar

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I have Windows 7 and when I'm using bit torrent, the dialog box isn't showing up when I'm downloading new torrents asking me where to save files. I've checked the "show the window......" but it's still not allowing me to pick which files I want and where to download the files.

I've read the responses that say "Toggle your torrent view until you have columns. (Far right of your toolbar", but I've looked and I don't see anything of this nature.

Can anyone help w/ specific instructions? It's greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Guest Guest_Skylar_*

The first link is for what Bit Torrent looks like on my new laptop. The second link is what it looked like on my old laptop w/ the pop up dialog box that I'm trying to turn on when I download a torrent. Thank you for your help. It's much appreciated.



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