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Seeding Status Changed To "grey"


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I'd appreciate some guidance from the experts please.


I have almost 300 active torrents, all of which I have uploaded myself - none are seeding others' torrents. All were seeding properly until a few days ago when BitTorrent crashed (I do not have the error it gave). The application re-started correctly, but about 10 torrents now have the status "seeding" on a grey, rather than a green background. The trackers are all working correctly and I have fewer torrents seeding than my maximum. I have made no changes to software.


In each case, the "selected" column for the defective torrents shows "0" rather than the size of the files attached to the torrent, as the working torrents show. I have attempted to re-locate the files - they have not been moved or re-named - and forced a re-check, but the application attempts to download the files.


I have done obvious things like re-booting, run both virus and malware checks, etc, but without success.


Other than re-installing Bit Torrent - and almost 300 torrents as well, is there an easy solution, or must I start the whole process again, re-installing BitTorrent, creating 10 new torrents for the dud files and posting the new torrents on line?


Technical details if required:


  • Windows 8.1, 64 BIT
  • BitTorrent v 7.9.2
  • Browser Chrome v39
  • Panda Free Antivirus 2015

Many thanks.


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Sorry Harold, being technically ignorant I cannot work out how to paste the screen shot in :(; I am getting a message saying my browser will not allow me to paste a document in, and I cannot see where to attach a pdf or JPEG. I've instead uploaded the screenshot as a doc and put on this file sharing site. If necessary, could you instead guide which browser settings to disable? Neither Chrome nor Firefox allow me to paste a screen shot in........




Many thanks.

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