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Windows Xp - Bug 7.9.2 : Can Not Use Ctrl + Alt + Up (Or Down) To Manipulate Job Queue


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I have been using older versions of BitTorrent for the last few years because the latest versions still have not fixed a bug that has been in the BitTorrent client for a while now.


The bug I am referring to relates to two keyboard shortcuts used to manipulate the order of torrents in the download queue. The shortcuts do not work with the latest BitTorrent release for Windows XP.



If you view your downloading torrents list and have torrent A, B, C, D, E, F and want to move the E forrent to the first position above torrent A, it can only be done by selecting E and using right click menu option "Move Up Queue" (doing this 4 times). It would be so much easier if the keyboard shortcut of "CTRL + ALT + up" would work after selecting torrent "E" (nothing happens to the queue order using the keyboard shortcuts even though the torrents are ordered by their queue number in column one). The goal is to have the download queue order changed to be E, A, B, C, D, F so that torrent E is above torrent A using the CTRL + ALT + up/down shortcuts.



Please get this bug fixed as soon as possible because move queue entry up and down are such important keyboard shortcuts for most people to be able to use to make their user experience a lot easier.... thanks.


I am currently using BitTorrent 7.9.2 (build 38258) [32-bit] on Windows XP Pro 32-bit (Version 2002 SP3).

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I will include several screenshots but it is difficult to try to show using the keyboard shortcuts with no movement or change in the download queue order. The only way I can change the order is to use the right-click menu option because the keyboard shortcut of CTRL + ALT + up (and down) does not work.


Here is a capture of the menu highlighting the "Move Up Queue" option which works with no problems:




Now to show the problem, I have several screen shots where the goal is to move the free torrent "Live From Brixton and Beyond" to the top of the download queue. I can move it up using the menu but not with the keyboard shortcut of "CTRL + ALT + up". The target torrent starts in position 5 as shown by the following image:




I can easily move the target torrent up using the menu "Move Up Queue". I next moved it up 3 times to position 2 and then tried to use the keyboard shortcut "CTRL + ALT + up" and the torrent just stays at position 2 and does not move to position 1 as shown by the following image:




I then moved it up to the first position by using the menu option "Move Up Queue" since the keyboard shortcut did not work (it never works) as shown by the following image:




The following image shows the torrent moved to the first position (target position) in the "Downloading" queue after using the menu option as shown by the following image:





So the conclusion is that the target torrent will not move up the queue using the existing keyboard shortcut shown in the BitTorrent HELP as "CTRL + ALT + up" (this is the bug and it also affects "CTRL + ALT + down" which also does not work). The target torrent will move up the queue using the right-click menu option "Move Up Queue" but it takes such a long time using the menu because the keyboard shortcut does not work or is disabled somehow on Windows XP.


I hope these screenshots are helpful and help explain the problem better. I pray that you are able to create a problem report and get this problem fixed in the next release so we can all enjoy using BitTorrent more.



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