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Process Queston: How To Delete Some Files From An Active Torrent?


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I have several torrents that are too large to fit completely in my remaining disk space, so I process them a chunk at a time. Downloading some of the files from a torrent is not a problem, but deleting the files I no longer want appears to be.


Part of the problem may be that I am using the "preallocate" option which I need to do for several unrelated reasons.


So, once I have decided I no longer need some of the files I go through the following process. Some of these steps are clearly unnecessary, but I have used them all in an attempt to accomplish what I want.


(1) Set the target files to skip/don't download.

(2) Force recheck

(3) Shutdown BitTorrent

(4) Delete the files

(5) Restart BitTorrent

(6) Force recheck


The torrent often then wants to resume downloading a small chunk (usually 4mb-8mb, and what's that about?)


I usually end up with the !bt files back on my disk. I can usually delete those files and that can be the end of it, but with some Torrents a subsequent recheck will return those files to my disk.


Is there a better process for this that won't drive me crazy?


And could we add a "Delete file from torrent" option to make this all work better?

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