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Bittorrent Opening Extremely Slowly


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I am having the exact same issue - which appears to have come from the current build I have installed (7.9.2 - Build 38759). 


It worked fine prior to the 7.9.2 install (and I've installed multiple builds - but don't have the previous build number). I attempt to open BT and it takes in the vicinity of 10+ minutes to get out of the "not responding" mode on average - although, this time, I'm currently locked into a not-responding (from a brand new install) for well over 20 minutes now. It doesn't appear to be utilizing any CPU and it's only yanking away 9MB of memory - so it's just stuck doing nothing. 


Does it have anything to do with newly added torrent files in the "automatically load torrents from" folder? I'd hope not as that would appear to be the primary goal of that folder. 


Appreciate any directions on how to alleviate this problem. 

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