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Indicates Torrent Is Finished But File Is Incomplete


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Hello BitTorrent forum,


I'm a long time user and first-time poster. I apologize in advance if I don't provide all information up front but I do appreciate anyone's help in trying to resolve my current issue.


Using BitTorrent 7.8.2  (for compatibility with bakabt.me)

Running Windows 7 64bit on i7, 16gig RAM

Saving to Openmediavault ntfs mapped hard drives (approx 8TB).

I have Plex running on the OMV for my media server.

All .torrents are initially saved to a monthly folder on a separate volume, launch BT, and all torrented files are downloaded to various dedicated video folders assigned at launch.


Current Issue: BT will say it has completed a file download. Yet when I go to play the media file, it fails. Upon doing a Forced Re-check it turns out that the file is only partially downloaded (varies from 20% to 80% completed). 


Issues I had previously that have led up to this point.


Last week (after running BitTorrnet for about 6 or 7 years) I started getting excessive "Error: Invalid download state, try resuming" errors on the files I was both downloading and seeding. Some of these I'd been seeding for over 5 years straight. 


I hated doing this (lost my history and everything ... did back up the folder just in case I resurrect the info later) but I completely redid the BT install (v.7.8.2)


The Invalid errors stopped but then I started getting the strange issue that BT said the file was finished and seeding. Yet, upon inspection the file is actually only partially downloaded and has to be redone.




1. Could the Plex server doing updates on the library be causing this issue?


2. Has anyone seen this before and might offer some ideas on how to get BitTorrent running properly again?


3. (bonus) Any idea on how I can restore my history of my seeding torrents? (not a priority part of this request).


Thank you everyone and I look forward to your response.


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1> if it's actively indexing the folder you're downloading to, it's likely

2> With you losing large percentages of the files, you likely need to figure out what's preventing the files from saving properly. Plex is a likely culprit. iTunes causes problems too.

3> http://help.bittorrent.com/customer/portal/articles/1826055-how-do-i-migrate-torrents-from-another-client-to-bittorrent-?b_id=3884 probably will get you that.

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Thanks Harold, I've made some mods to Plex to prevent auto updates and place the updates on a 6 hr windows. 


I wish I had realized that the changes I made in Plex a couple of weeks ago was the source of my grief before I blew away my BitTorrent install ... so much history gone.


I'm going over the article you suggested. I just need to sort the torrents by the source (aka Bakabt) .. When I moved the folder, I had over 11,000 torrent files in the folder :( ... I didn't realize BT kept the torrent in the folder even after I deleted it from the program.


Lots of "work" cut out for me in the next few days



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**Follow Up**


I picked two small torrents to run last night. This morning it showed them as "seeding" (normally meaning fully downloaded and finished) 


However, after I did a stop and then ran a force re-check the files were partials (one was 63% and the other 45%).


The problem is still there, regrettably 

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Solution: Shut down Plex server during any torrent activity.


Pure hassle and not sure why it worked for so long and now will no longer functions properly together. 


Because of the setup I'm using, the number of variables to what could be causing this is pretty large. Dedicated box running OMV with Plex, 10TB of storage using a blend of NTFS drives (not at all idea, will eventually get to dedicated RAID 5 setup), my workstation is the BitTorrent server that is saving and seeding from the OMV server.


Thanks for the help Harold, I appreciate the input.



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I have been having this issue also I have Plex running on auto-update too. I have it setup that all of my computers download torrents to my Windows Home Server 2011 which runs my Plex media server. This issue is driving me crazy.

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