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Bittorrent Support X64?


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uTorrent has their own support forums.

If you're crash dumping BitTorrent OR uTorrent due to out of memory, you're setting your disk cache settings too high.

In program cache? I select 1800mb - this max. Maybe program use swap file? I dont use swap file its this true. My hdd 7200 and write speed about 150mb/s and gigabit internet (max 120mb/s). What problem with memory?

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Using the swap file for disk cache COMPLETELY defeats the purpose of the disk cache.

And using disk cache values close to 1800mbyte is the direct cause of your crash.

Not understand, I need use swap file or not? I know utorrent keep cache in ram, what does this have to swap file?


How do you recommend to put utorrent cache? I know if you put a little value I get an error - drive overloaded and red strip.

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