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Can't get Bittorrent to seed properly!

Guest Harouken

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Guest Harouken

Hi everyone, I'm french so sorry for any mistakes!

So I can't get the files I have downloaded to seed properly. The worst thing is that I am seeding... but whith speeds about 0.01 kbps; I leave the computer seeding the whole day and I upload only a few MB.

I set upload speed on "illimited", there are clearly people downloading those files (for instance I've seeded the official Ubuntu distro for weeks for a 0.1 ratio only; don't tell me nobody wants it!); A friend; using his laptop could seed quite well using my connection, I have used torrents from TPB, OpenBittorent & others...

It's getting worse: My computer doesn't seed anymore using other windows p2p clients; and even when I boot on to ubuntu using deluge or Transmission it's not seeding properly.

It might be hopeless; I don't know; but if anyone has got an idea, please share.


PS: I've istalled the Social Library App; doesn't help much.

PS: I'm not using any proxy; and nearly all settings were left to default.

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Guest Harouken


I use Avira Anti virus free edition; but I used to have McCafe and the problem was the same. And it would seem strange to just decrease the bandwith rather than blocking all p2p traffic.

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When I download a torrent off the internets I can download as well as Seed......however, when I create a torrent myself it does nothing. Says that ports are closed. If that was the real case, why am I able to seed on someone else's torrent?

For Example: Soul Plane *downloaded off ThePirateBay* Works Fine!

D: 300KB/s

U: 10kb/s (made up, I am a seeder)

Home Movies/pics *new torrent*




When I check the logs it says "blah blah blah..........open port not open"

Obvious message is obvious.

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