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I'd just like to point out a slight flaw in both your marketing strategy, as well as your client's setup.

When starting the installation you're given a warning; it goes as follows....


"Beware of online scams!. A number of websites have taken our free bittorrent client and attempt to charge money for it throughsome sort of "fee" or "subscription" or else they install it for free but infect your computer with malicious code in the process. To protect yourself, be sure to only download our software from http://www.bittorrent.com. You should NEVER under any circumstances pay for free BitTorrent Software.

Now imagine my surprise when, on your website, is an advertisement for Bittorrent PRO....for 30$.

What kind of shit are you guys smoking over there?


After installing, and running the client...If you select "Help" at the top of the window....then select "About"..You'll see a comment that says...

"Thanks for using this FREE program. We hope you like it. If you paid for it, get a refund!.

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