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Problem with downloading torrent files


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Before when I downloaded torrent files from sites, my browser (mozilla) popped up a little window which offered me a few ways to download a file: 1) bittorent, 2) flashgot and 3) "save as". But yesterday when I tried to download a torrent, mozilla showed different pop-up which suggested 1)bittorent and 2)open application (browse). When I try to download the file via "bittorent" "add new toorent" window opens and it shows the size of the file as "0" in torrent contents section. What's the problem? Is it because of browser or bittorent application? I still constantly seed my torrents, no problem with that. Should I uninstall the appplication (Bittorrent 7.2.) and install new one? If I do so, will I be able to seed my old torrents?

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