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Restore file sharing without downloading the file


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I used to shared some files with Bittorrent (ex: XYZ.zip) The XYZ.torrent files were created by myself with Bitorrent.

I had lost all the bittorrent configuration files (dht.dat, resume.dat ,rss.dat ,settings.dat) and I did a clean Bittorrent software install, but I still have the XYZ.zip and XYZ.torrent files. I want to share the XYZ.zip file again with the same .torrent, but the only way I found is to re-download XYZ.zip which I don't want to do.

Is there any way to set back the file sharing on bittorrent without re-downloading the file, since I still have XYZ.zip on my hardrive?

Any pointers?



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