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Upgrading To The New Version From An Older Version of BT

Guest OhPervyOne

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Guest OhPervyOne

Hey dere, Guys n Dolls,

I just downloaded the new ver. 7.6 and I have read everything I could find on the site about installation. I cannot find any information about upgrading from an older version ofthe BT client. There seems to be no section in the "Manual" that addresses the topic. (The closest I found was Chapter 03: Advanced Guides - "Switching from Another Client"... which wasn't really any help.)

I am currently (literally) running BT version 5.0.8 with (only) 83 Torrents running.

I figure the first step, obviously, is to shut down bittorrent before attempting to Install. (Duh.)


1. Do I have to UN-install the old bittorrent first, or can I Install over it by pointing Install at the same directory (sorry, "folder")?

2. If I Install over the previous version, will it automatically see and resume my downloads OR do I have to go thru that long and oh-so-tedious process of finding all the current torrent files (some of which have names that are only a string of numbers! WHY?!!) and pointing each of them at the right folder and then re-starting them? (OYYYYyyyyy!!!)

3. Are my Settings automatically transferred? Or is there an easy way to do this?

(Remember .INI files? And .CFG files? Sigh)

4. Is there a part of the "Manual" that I somehow missed?

5. Are there any other questions I need to be asking? (Honestly I forgot what the last question was that I wanted to ask.) If there's anything else I need to know about Upgrading, please just throw it in along with your reply, advice, etc.


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Guest OhPervyOne

Thank you very much Harold!

1 thru 3 are most excellent news, most excellent news, indeed!

4... Hmmm.

5 - Yeah, I guess yer right...

6.... (a) MY SPOON IS TOO BIG!

..... (b)The Tick is gonna be PISSED.

Also, btw, I notice a lot of answers from you but very few people expressing any appreciation.

So let me note now, how much I appreciate... wait a minute.. was that from The Matrix? Where was I?

Oh yeah, appreciation... please raise your right hand as high as it will go...

now bend your elbow so the palm of your hand is flat against the opposite shoulder...

And then proceed to pat yourself on the back. You deserve it!


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