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Help Please!


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Help please!!! BTW Sorry if i put this at the wrong place admins

so my problem is that when i'm trying to download torrents my speed is about 6-7 mbps and then after like 5 secs it goes down to 50mbps and stays like that. Earlier when i used to download torrents then it would go up to 6-7mbps and stay like that and sometimes even higher. Heres some screenshots to show what i mean http://gyazo.com/de438bc830c4f123224fa99bcc793e88 (In the first picture the speed is 6mbps)   http://gyazo.com/6c67855bc4c86ecd84c17fa512a8da28  (and in this picture about 5 secs has passed and the speed is 29kbps). The thing is when i start downloading a torrent the speed is good 6mbps but then after some secs it goes down to 6kbps so that leaves me having to press stop and start all the time to be able to download the torrent and i know earlier that it worked just fine but now recently somethings up idk what so i hope someone can help me :)


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