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Runs Normally At Startup - Drops Dead To 0.1 Kb/s After A Minute


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Hello everyone, I've been surfing all day in search of a solution to this.
As described in the object, that's what happens, all of a sudden when I've always been downloading smoothly.
I tried opening/forwarding correctly.
I tried running another client (utorrent).
I tried with a wired connection.
I tried calling my ISP, but they said it's nothing on their side.
I tried all I've basically read on the internet.

The problem, just to make sure, it's exactly the same as this :



when i switch my bittorrent on it runs reasonably fast (up to 300 or 400 kb) for less than a minute then plummets down to 0.1 - 3.0kb. been happening for a month now. a week ago i tried deleting some programs that i wasnt using and it started working good again. then i capped over my limit and just topped up again 2 days ago and ive got the same problem again. tried delete some updates this time to see if somethings blocking me but had no luck. still runs quick then slows down and stays there until u repeat the process off switch off and on. HELP PLEASE!!!! 


I run Win 8.1, Bittorrent 7.9.2.

I cannot have a life without downloading. I'm in your hands.


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