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Automatic Internet Reconnexion Management


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Hi everyone,


since a bunch of updates (not sure, maybe one year or even more, I remember it has worked before), bitorrent client is unable to handle well an internet connexion lost and restablished, it just can't connect back to trackers at all.


It's quite a shame for a tool which is supposed to run all by itself in the background without having to restart it in order to have this very basic feature (as it the least we can expect).


Typical cases is obviously connexion trouble(s) but also waking up computer from sleep state.


(for info, I have a "permanent" DSL connexion, which sometimes failed because of ISP technical issues or power outage, with laptop, which I put to sleep and wake up almost every day.)

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I almost thought I speak too fast cause of old habits (it's been for months now I am used to close it and launch it back to make it works), as it seems to have worked as expected earlier today.


After a reboot (bitorrent run on windows start), working, put laptop to sleep, wkae up later, I got the issue: for a while, no up/dl, all trackers are updating, there are various delay (max is about 20 mins), I've got some upload for a few secs then bittorent claims up=1.6/2.2 kb/s (service data maybe) but no actual upload, I've got one download in progress but it doesn't start.


On the other hand, quit bittorent, restart it => the download start IMMEDIATELY, upload climb up too, trackers are still on updating status. Looks like it was DHT which allow to gather sources for the unfinished download (didn't check this before closing the client, sorry).


By the way, the client runs on windows XP SP3 (with the last update available from MS before support ends).


I think a way to get the issue is to get some torrents in progress, some other as sources, either put computer to sleep and waking up later (more than one single time), or plug-out then after a little time plug-in back the network cable.

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