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Hello. Bittorrent 7.9.2. Windows 8



When I am Downloading a torrent, I look at the PEERS area, and see a % (percentage)..


Can anyone advise me what this means ?  I see the maximum percentage for any given peer is 100%,  however i am still downloading that particular file from that specified or other peers. What is 100% of ?



When uploading or downloading (any file), i see a SEEDS / PEERS figure. These are not specified as a percentage, but as a straight figure with 3 decimal places.


Is this the number of times that particular file has been uploaded to other people ?? 


Also, secondary question. 


I understand that i can stop / prevent uploading of a torrent after a certain time / value. can anyone advise what this is called, & how to change it.


Basically, so i can stop it after it has been uploaded to other people 10 times (or something),  or turn it off so theres no limit on uploads.



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100% means they have 100% of all pieces.

Just because a peer doesn't have 100%, it doesn't mean the percentage they have necessarily only contains pieces you already have too. That's why you download from others.

The ratio/time limits are set in preferences - queueing where you can specify the ratio or time and what happens when that goal is reached.

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