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Seeing Other Peoples Stats ?


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Is there a way we can right-click on a PEER, to see what they are up to ?


I'm downloading a torrent which is 100+GB in size (not 100MB, but 100GB), & there are currently online 10+ peers with 100% of the files, but are not downloading to me.


I am wondering if there is a way to right-click on the peer & see if they are currently downloading to other people (just not me)... - i OFTEN find that if people have 99% or less, of a torrent, they will download to me. but as soon as they get to 100%, the download stops - but they are still online...


EDIT: I've calculated that if i download this one torrent at 100kbs 24 hours a day 7 days a  week non stop, it will take 330 days to download in full.. 


My average download can be up to 55KBS on a good day. (just annoying if i see people online with 100% but not participating & distributing the files on...)

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