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Losing Internet Connection When Using Bittorrent


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Hey there,


almost everytime I download with high bandwidth (i.e. 4-9 mBit/s), I'm losing internet connection while browsing. The BT client and the running download are not affected by that effect though, just the browser. This issue can only be resolved by cutting the power to the modem and the router.


What could be the problem here?


Sometimes when I try to start a download by magnet link, I get the message "a newer version of bittorrent is already running". I then have to shut down the client running in the background, uninstall and reinstall manually. Is there something that can be done to resolve this issue?


Thanks in advance guys!

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For your first issue, What setup guide did you use to configure BitTorrent?

For your second issue, reset your magnet associations in your browser preferences.


Issue #1: I didn't use any setup guide, I just installed and used the client with default settings.


Issue #2: I already un- and reinstalled the client this time. Will try that the next time it occurs though.


Thank you for your help.

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